New Member Enrollment

A). Members with in the Jurisdiction of Branch.

1. Please select the Branch, which is within 100 km from your Address to avail fast services like Personal visit by our staff on call     for any problem facing by you.

2. Easy for Surety verification and fast processing of Documentation after Bidding.

B). Members Out Side the Jurisdiction of Branch.

1. In case you wish to Bid during the course of the chit, you have to furnish SECURITY for the FUTURE LIABILITY , to our     satisfaction.

2. Options to participate in the Bid (Auction) are:
    Bid Offer / Bid Authorization / GPA / Personal participation.

3. If you become a successful bidder by any mode, verification charges will be debited to your chit account.

4. Types of sureties acceptable to us are:

a). Personal sureties within the 100 km radius of the Chit Branch.

b). Bank Guaranty for the Future Liability of the Chit.

c). Future Liability amount can be deposited in Margadarsi Chit Fund Ltd. for the Balance Chit period.

d). Deposit can also be made for the balance installments at 6% interest on Reducing Balances of the deposit amount. This   Deposit must be Minimum of 10 Monthly Gross Installments.

e). Sufficient Title Deeds of Immovable Property other than Agricultural land in urban areas or Towns only.

If the Rules and Regulations mentioned above are acceptable, please click I Accept Button for Registration.

Note: Margadarsi Financiers stopped acceptance of fresh deposits and renewal of deposits W.E.F. 20th November 2006.