1. How to access Margadarsi web site?

2.  New Member Registration

3. Existing Member Registration

4. Handy tips for Login User ID

5 . Trouble Shooting

6 . Existing Member Chit Information

7 . Change Password

8. Change E-Mail Address

9 . Change Residence Address

10. Change Office Address

11. Chit Enrollment (New Enrollment)

12. Bid Offer in Advance

13. Bid Offer Cancellation

14. Online Bidding 

15. Surety submission Form

16. Feedback 

17. Online Help




1. How to access Margadarsi web site:

To access Margadarsi web site visit www.margadarsi.com and click go button. Home page will be displayed.

2. New Member Registration:

To join as a member please register through Registration .Fill the Form & Submit. You will be given a request registration number for your future correspondence.

3.  Existing Member Registration:

If you are an existing member and want to operate through web site please register through registration by click on existing member. Furnish the details of your existing chit information along your E-mail address. You will be registered and your Login Id & Password will be sent to your E-mail Address to access the web site.

4.  Handy tips for Login User ID:

Enter your Login Id and password received by you through the E-Mail address given by you to logging in the system. It forces you to change the Password given by the system. You have to change the password of your choice, which will be your NEW Password. Your password should have a minimum of 4 characters and maximum of 12 characters. You can change Password as frequently as you wish by using the change Password option. Every 90 days the system will force to change your password. Please change the Password when the system prompts you to do so.

5. Trouble Shooting:  

What do I do if my User Id gets locked or disabled?

If your User Id is LOCKED or DISABLED, then you have to send an E-mail to "admin@mail.margadarsi.com" mentioning your User Id. A new password will be dispatched to your E-mail ADDRESS. You can use the "HELP" button provided to view the online help available in the system. The help will be provided in a separate window.

6. Existing member Chit Information:

Displays all the chits held by you. To view a particular Chit, you have to click the chit reference number. Information of that particular chit will be displayed.

7. Change Password:

You can change your Password as frequently as you can through this option. By changing your Password frequently, you will be using the site Safely and Securely.

8. Change E-Mail Address:

For the convenience of the User change of E-mail address option has been provided. User's Operating E-Mail address can modify at their option.  

9.Change Residence Address:

Any change in the residence address, you can change your residence address through selecting this option.

10. Change Office Address:

Any change in the Office address, you can change your Office address through selecting this option.

11. Chit Enrollment (New Enrollment):

You can join any new chit through selecting this option, which will provide you enrollment application to be filled and submit.

12. Bid Offer in Advance:

You can submit your Bid Offer of your any un-drawn chit of any branch before 48 hours of the auction.   

13. Bid Offer Cancellation:

Offer given by you earlier can cancel the bid offer through this option (48 hours before the auction date).

14. Online Bidding:

If you are a web group member, you can participate in the auction online through this option.

15. Surety Submission Form:

A successful bidder can offer sureties through this option. You have to furnish sureties details duly filled, which will be processed at our end and inform accordingly to speed the process for payment.

16. Feedback:

Your feed back information for the services given and your suggestions to strengthen the services to serve you much better in future with your support.

17. Online Help:

You can have online help through this option which will be attend to you resolve your problems if any immediately.